I’m not much of a blogger. I tend to be sporadic. And I tend to write more when I’m directing. It’s all about the process.

Our latest video was for The Longing as we are their resident music video creators. The song is called 40 Days. We shot in Astroetic, a warehouse studio, in downtown LA. Jon, the owner, was great to work with. I can’t recommend it enough. Check it out on the Music Video page.

Check out the other videos under Music Videos. I’ll also be uploading some photos from the various shoots.

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How Do You Know

We finished the new video for The Longing, “How Do You Know.” We once again shot at Astroetic Studios in downtown. I can’t put the video up just yet as the song hasn’t been released. Look under Photos for images that were shot during production.



New Music Video

We have a new music video in pre-production. It’s called “How Do You Know”. Great concept. In the meantime, check out the videos on the site and photos from the shoot for 40 Days. I’ll be adding more from our previous shoots.

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